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妄想テレパシー / Delusion Telepathy / Moutele / Waham Telepati / Telepati Delusi
Rank: 199th, it has 21855 monthly / 189125 total views.
Authors: Nobel / Nobel
Genres: Manga / Seinen / 4 koma / Award winning / Comedy / Romance / School life / Slice of life / Super power / Supernatural
Direction: Right to Left
Status: Ongoing
One would think that the ability to read minds would be incredible, but for Ayako Nakano, it is an involuntary power she wishes she never had. Being exposed to the harsh thoughts of others is one thing, but knowing what people want of her has made it difficult to act on her free will. Having quickly learned that revealing her power would alienate her from her peers, she keeps her abilities a secret, deciding that it is better to stay isolated and keep them hidden. Gloomy and friendless as a result of her power, Nakano is set to begin her final year of high school alone, as always.

This changes when she meets Hayato Toda. Though virtually expressionless, Toda is a popular student, and Nakano is puzzled to discover that he has an intense crush on her. Yet, his thoughts reveal something more: he has lewd, perverted fantasies of her nearly every minute of the day, which Nakano now has to suffer through on a daily basis. Even so, Nakano soon finds herself becoming a part of his group of friends, thrusting her into her very first foray into friendship and romance.

Chapters (720)

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Ch.179 : Who?
3 years ago