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[It is not just "bullying."] Nakajima was ruling over the class as a "bully." The subject of bullying is a fragile girl, Shirasaki-san. Going as far as violence, every day was horrible. Everyone in the class pretends to not see it. If they stop, then they will be the next target. Nakajima performs "bullying" as if possessed. It was clear that something was wrong. Why does he do such brutal acts? The reality is terrible—
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.4 Chapter 45.5 1,321 Jun 24,20
Vol.3 Chapter 34.5 13,888 Jan 28,20
Vol.3 Chapter 27: Catfight 16,901 Nov 21,19
Chapter 22: Stalking 19,014 Nov 02,19
Chapter 19: Test Results 19,231 Oct 30,19
Chapter 10: The Real Katou 21,223 Oct 21,19
Chapter 8: True Fear 22,770 Oct 19,19
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Bully 43,384 Oct 14,19
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